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Community mentoring

Outcomes of these programs assist boys to make better life choices when in high-risk peer pressured situations and empower them to have aspirations for their future.

Aussie Helpers

On the first of March Aussie Helpers had a fantastic surprise when Dick Smith flew into outback Charleville enroute to Mornington Island.

Intercept and rescue

Despite the incredible work that the team is doing, it is underfunded. The continuation of their work is a major priority as the team interrupts wildlife trafficking from all over the world as it is moved through

Gene therapy trial

A clinical trial on Australian soil will help give Australian children the same opportunities of access as their American and European counterparts. When it comes to

Our Story


In 1968, as a young electronics technician with a love for anything with wires, Dick Smith took a leap of faith with a $610 investment to found the Dick Smith brand we know and love today. In the beginning, Dick focused his energy towards installing and servicing car radios. The following year, his business’ success meant he not only needed a bigger shop, but more shops!

Dick Smith Foods is a food brand created by Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith to provide Australian owned and  Read More

produced alternatives to products from foreign-owned food companies. It was formed in 1999 largely in response to the high market share of those companies, and the increasingly frequent take over of previously Australian-owned companies like Arnott's and Pauls. In particular, Smith was concerned that many companies which were no longer Australian owned still marketed as "Australian products": the iconic Australian breakfast spread Vegemite, for example, was owned by Kraft Foods (now known as Mondelēz).  Read More


Dick Smith’s Fabulous Fluffy Scones
Light, fluffy and de-lish. Nothing says “Perfect Afternoon” quite like a plate of scones, served with cream, and our own Magnificent Strawberry Spreadable Fruit. Try these scones with any one of our fruit spreads, and you won’t be disappointed! Read more
Double Choc Blueberry Muffins
For a flavour contrast this recipe for chocolate and blueberry muffins is really ideal. Everybody loves blueberry muffins, and everybody loves chocolate, so everyone will love these muffins! Read more
Mum’s Muesli Slice
A delicious, moist and chewy muesli slice that is packed full of the goodness of Australian cereals, fruit and nuts, all moistened with yummy Australian honey. Such an easy recipe to whip up, ready to serve for that mid morning or afternoon snack. A great recipe to have the kids involved with too! Read more
Renae’s OzE Bliss Balls
Little round balls of sweet, chocolatey, nutty goodness. Really the perfect pick me up snack.Make ahead and take them to work! Ideal for when you want to reach for something a little healthier than the 3PM chocolate bar. Read more