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Dick Smith Foods8771530

$1 Million to Charity

Winner’s Update

Sunshine Butterflies

Sunshine Butterflies is a registered charity and not for profit organisation founded to support and improve the lives of young people with disabilities and provide families with support information and individual assistance.

Their 10 key program and service areas include:

• Family Care Program

• Swim and Recreation Clubs

• Siblings Social Club

• Puppet Disability Education & Awareness Program

• Support Groups

• Respite

• Early Intervention Therapy Program – Baby Bridges

• Personal Fundraising Initiatives

• Post School Day Activity Programs, music, art,woodwork, singing & performing, cooking, sewing & drama

• Business Services – Allability First Aid Training

Sunshine Butterflies was founded by Leanne Walsh whose son has cerebral palsy, and together have faced the challenges that individuals and families face day to day. The vision of Sunshine Butterflies is to empower families and provide the support they need to achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

Sunshine Butterflies “can do” approach is enabled by a small passionate team. Sunshine Butterflies does not receive government funding and relies on profits from their First Aid business, donations, fundraising, events and sponsorship.

Our Backyard
Sunshine Butterflies Win

Where Dick Smith Foods Million Dollar Giveaway Will Help Us.

Sunshine Butterflies has purchased a 5 acre hobby farm called “Our Backyard”, to deliver programs where children and young adults with disabilities can learn about animal care, horticulture, permaculture, environmental activities & aquaculture.

They will be able to plant and maintain a number of different types of gardens, including an orchard & vegetable & herb beds, as well as care for a number of farm animals. They will be able to fish from the 3 dams or catch yabbies’ and generally enjoy the outdoors.
Animal assisted care is a therapy being recognized as having an enormous effect on people with disabilities and vulnerable people.
Spending time with animals and caring for them is excellent for building confidence and self esteem and reduces stress.
Horticulture is a therapy being used today as a learning and social tool and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.
The property and its programs will bring people together from a wide range of backgrounds and will be fully inclusive to our community to enjoy.
The property has an existing house which has been renovated by donations of time and materials and will be available in the future for short and long term farm stay respite which is in short supply on the coast that can also offer stimulating and enjoyable activities through the day.

Sunshine Butterflies had to raise $100,000 as a deposit to be able to get a loan to purchase the deserted nursery that was going to Auction. We held fundraising events, raffles and invited the community to become foundation sponsors if they donated $1000 or more.

Winning $50,000 will enable us to begin building the dream.

To date community members have donated their time and machinery to begin the process of clearing the land. Once it is cleared we are able to build the animal yards and sheds for our office and activity spaces thanks to your donation.
We cant thank Dick Smiths Food Foundation enough for the opportunity you have given us to create this very special place that is going to give so much pleasure to so many people of all ages with disabilities.

Dick Smith Foods Foundation will be at the top of the Foundation Board along with our other sponsors that be will proudly displayed on the front of the house.

Sunshine Backyard